Where Virtual Meets Real

A lifetime in technology

In the summer of 1955, I got my ham radio license (K6RBF) and began a life in technology. In the sixty years since I have seen several paradigm shifts, starting with the shift to transistors (solid state devices) from vacuum tubes (empty state devices!) In each, there was a “Tower of Babel” phase – the phase where IoT is now. That phase turns out to be the most fecund, the most fertile – it has the most opportunities. And the strangest thing: during that phase “getting it out” matters more than “getting it right”!

As the Internet grew from its DARPA seed, I was there. There in the background, helping in its creation. Recently, someone said I was a visionary. No, I wasn’t. I am not. I don’t see what is ahead. I just see the problem in front of me.

Implementer, not visionary

I followed the visionaries, doing what what I do best: making things work and making things that work. I enjoyed it: I like learning new technology, new ways of doing things.

When I retired, I was asked what I wanted to do. Easy: ride my motorcycle on back country roads, hike in forests, spend time with family and friends, and play with technological toys. That last is coming together: I am re-creating myself as an “Internet Telecom Elder”.


The IoT is moving into the resolving phase, a phase that I have been through six times.  I see the patterns, and I am "Zipper Resolving": bringing together winning technologies.